This blog is about the content-analysis method, its examples, software and so on.

For collaboration within the research project or other offers please write me to aryumin@aryumin.ru

Alexey Ryumin

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  1. Alexy,

    My email to arymin@aryumin.ru bounced back.

    Hi Alexey,

    I am the founder and CEO of Texifter as well as the inventor of
    DiscoverText. I was the person who approved your free trial of
    DiscoverText. If you like, we can schedule a personal or group demo of the
    system using a web-based GoToMeeting. Many new users report the videos can
    be a very helpful place to start.

    These are the newer videos:

    There are also older ones going back to 2010:

    Our help site is located at:

    Please let me know directly if you have any questions at all. This is a
    small business run by a team dedicated to building the best possible tools
    for text and social data. You can work directly with me and our team of
    software engineers to improve your work and ours.

    If you write a blog post, we will definitely promote it. We have tested the
    system for Chinese & Arabic and found it works well. Please do let me know
    if it works well with Russian text.


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